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  • Debbie Patskowski

    Debbie Patskowski

    Geoscientist, runner, and writer. I will never stop being curious about the world.

  • CMad Poet

    CMad Poet

    A blue collar prose poet, who hopes to describe some truth with encrypted lines for you to digest in fun bite sized stories.

  • Shreyanshi Dubey

    Shreyanshi Dubey

    Political Economist and strategist— specialising in International Public Policy, Globalisation, and Sustainability.

  • Pedro B. Gorman

    Pedro B. Gorman

    Re-writing my life & personal narrative. Top Writer in Music. Fiction writer, poet, musician, spoken-word guy, voice-over/audiobook guy.

  • Fakhar Shabir Malik

    Fakhar Shabir Malik

    Dr.2 be , Writer, Singer. Observations based upon unbiased mindset are a blessing. People need not hear made-up stories, reality attracts em more, Lets be real.

  • Sarah Willey

    Sarah Willey

    Consultant, writer, business scholar. Nonprofit nerd; passionate about relationship-building and community.

  • Abdullah Kalf

    Abdullah Kalf

    US Blogger✪ 🇱🇷 — Inspiring the world through Business, Productivity, Leadership, and Marketing Ideas! Artist | Storyteller

  • Akshay S B

    Akshay S B

    Next Blog:The Complete Guide to an Aspiring Financial Data Analyst| Financial analyst who writes about Data Analytics, Finance and How to tell effective stories

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